Tips to Make Drunk Sex Better

Whether you’re heading out on the town or having a hot date night in with your partner, things can get a little heated when you add booze to the mix. Alcohol is a fantastic social lube that gets people over their fears and inhibitions and gets them laid. The issue is that the body itself doesn’t actually care for all that. The mind is all for getting drunk and having sex, but the body fails itself by lacking the blood flow necessary to get it up (in a guy’s case) or get it wet (in a lady’s case). It’s not going to happen 100% of the time, but when it does it sucks. Think ahead to prevent these mishaps and use these tips to make drunk sex better.

Drink Lightly

Not many people plan on getting completely smashed and getting laid, normally it’s one or the other. If you’re going out with the intent to do both, then steer toward the lighter side of alcohol consumption. The lighter you drink the more likely your body won’t throw up those defenses against the booze. Being a bit tipsy will definitely put you in the offensive mood of charming someone’s pants off without being so sloppy that you can’t deliver on all of your promises. Beer can be a good, light alternative in the alcoholic content department, but it can fill you up quickly and make you look a little bloated. Shots are never a good idea, as they get you drunk faster than you have time to drink them. Mixed drinks are the way to go, just make sure that you take your time when consuming them and always drink a glass of water after each one.

Set the Mood

Start With The Foreplay
Start With The Foreplay
When you do finally get to the bedroom, take the chance to set the mood. Of course you already cleaned everything up and have the bedroom itself set perfectly, since you were planning to get some tonight. Now light some candles, turn on some sexy music (preferably with no words—jazz is really good for this), and for heaven’s sake turn the lights low. Having the lights dimmed will not only make things more romantic, it also makes it way less likely that you’ll suddenly get a headache. Since you’re probably dehydrated, have some water by the bed so that neither of you will have to break the tone by getting up out of bed. Water is a good way to make sure that you don’t get the spins. Nothing ruins sexy like throwing up while you’re getting it on.

Start Out Slow

Passion may be blowing the top off of whatever sex pot that you brought home, but take your time when you get into the sack. You have a body full of booze, you don’t want to go shaking it around and getting your gag reflex going. Start out with some foreplay, since neither of you will have the best response time in the genitals. This gets both of you warmed up, which will lead to better sex later on. Unlike the movies, people rarely get so turned-on that they can go right away anyway. When you do start to get the party started, choose a position that is easy to maintain and doesn’t jostle you around too much. Missionary is an easy-going starter that won’t upset anyone so long as he’s not laying his whole body onto her. Cowgirl is another favorite, but the lady in the situation has to be sure that she’s ready for that. Again, alcohol is sloshing around the stomach. She’s going to be moving a lot when things start to get wild. If you want to be considerate of this, have a bucket or waste basket by the bed to catch any vomit. She can choose to go slow, but there’s no guarantee once she gets into it that she won’t start riding hard.

Having consensual sex while you’re drunk doesn’t always have to end up being satisfactory for those involved. You can have an awesome time and remember it fondly by being prepared and taking your time drinking. These simple steps that don’t take too much effort will pay off in the end.