Dealing with a Flip-Floppy Woman

Women are hard to understand in general. They’re all full of feelings and conflicting ideas about what they want in life. It’s our job to put up with these and make it through back to the awesome women that they are underneath all of the confusing. But some women just push the boundary even further and flip-flop all over the place. It’s not their fault, it’s just how they are. If you want to get to know the woman and keep her around, despite not being able to keep up with what her decisions are, read on.

Accept It

It’s not going to be easy, being with a flip-flopper, but you’ve got to accept the fact that this is just who she is as a person. There’s no secret motivation or anything that means that she’s trying to ruin your life. By taking the time to truly realize this you’ll have much more patience. Sometimes you’re a complete jerk when you’re tired, it’s not ever going to change. That’s the same level.

Learn to Be Patient

The hardest part about all of this is that you’re going to have to become a very patient man. Figure out what it is that she’s doing that’s making you feel so pissed-off. Of course, her inability to decide on what she’s going to do is an issue, but beyond that think of what specifically she’s doing. Does she always seem to have issues with what she’s going to wear? Maybe she flip-flops on how to handle friends. Whatever it is, by decoding it and recognizing why she’s freaking out you’re going to help both of you.

Solve the Problems…When You Should

Flip-Floppy Women Are difficult To Deal With
Flip-Floppy Women Are difficult To Deal With
Men have a natural tendency to want to solve things. Women are like giant puzzles that just need to be put together in the right way. But the problem is that women don’t always need a guy to problem solve for them. They can get in groups and talk until the day is done about the problems that they’re all having and not one of them will be solved. That’s okay, that’s what they need. So when she comes to you with a problem that should be handled but she can’t decide on, just be a woman. Listen to her and then keep your mouth shut. When she asks you for advice, offer it. Solve away. Sometimes she might need you to be what guides her. You know her better than most, even herself sometimes. Use that knowledge and offer her guidance on what she would normally do.

Let Her Flop

She already know show back-and-forth she is, she doesn’t need another person reminding her. Sometimes she just needs to flop. Let her go whichever way she needs however many times she needs before she makes the decisions that are right for her. This is a whole process that’s become familiar to her and helps her cope with a lot of things. If it’s too much for you to handle at the time then just leave the room for a bit or give her some space.

Be Consistent

If you have a lady who doesn’t do well with choices presented to her and goes between them both a ton of times then you may have to just step up to the plate and be consistent. By consistently offering and then deciding you’re still giving her the choice to begin with, ultimately avoiding becoming the guy that orders food for his girlfriend. But when she won’t be able to pick one you’ll also be the one to put her mind at ease. This might even be enough to get her to decide on one thing. Knowing that you’re not going to judge her for flipping between the two and deciding in the end can take a huge weight off of her shoulders. Just make sure that you’re consistent so that she will pick-up on this eventually.