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Role-playing Your Favorite Characters in the Bedroom: Why, and How to Do It

When you’re trying to kick things up a notch in the bedroom, one of the first things you probably tend to want to do is get a little bit of role-playing in. Role-playing is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom without having to spend tons of money on expensive sex toys or lingerie. Plus, the only limit to the amount of fun you have really is your imagination. However, maybe you’re not really that interested in the typical role-playing scenarios like sexy nurse and patient or teacher and student. If you’re looking for something a little more interesting to do in your role-playing session, one of the things you may want to consider is role-playing your favorite characters instead. If you and your partner are both interested in some particular characters, you can use them to spice up your sex life in ways you never thought possible. If this is something you’re interested in, then here’s what you need to know. You could also always try webcam sites. You can find guides to these onlineas well as reviews and advice for the top sites to play on.


What Does This Really Mean?

If you’ve never considered doing this before, you definitely need a crash course. If you have a favorite character or couple from any media, you should definitely consider role-playing them in the bedroom. Do you have a favorite TV show, video game, book, or movie? Whatever your favorite characters are, role-playing them in the bedroom can be tons of fun. The characters already exist, so you don’t need to go through the effort of trying to imagine their backgrounds and personalities. This can make it a lot easier for you to pull off, and it can be a lot more fun than you might have ever imagined. But it is a deceptive world, so follow only trusted advice on working it well when it comes to reviews and tips for success.

Choosing What Characters to Play

2-shamyIf you’re going to role-play your favorite characters with your partner in the bedroom, you obviously need to know which characters you should be playing. There’s really no limit here. The only possible limit is your imagination and what you are willing to try. If you are not interested in stretching your imagination that far, that it is probably best to pick characters that are already in a relationship in whatever media you are choosing them from. However, if you have a couple of characters that you’ve always wanted to see together, why not role-play them with your partner? It doesn’t need to be canon in the show or media to be canon in the bedroom.

Just role-playing as your favorite character can be fun, but why not take it to the next level? Adding costume play to your role-playing scenario can immerse you in the scene that much more, and make things a little sexier to boot. If you feel like dressing up as your favorite characters, role-playing them and cost you can make things even steamy or in sexier than you have ever imagined. It’s definitely something you’re going to want to consider if you are trying to spice things up with your partner. You may be surprised by how much you wind up enjoying doing this.

Getting Over Sex Anxiety

Something that happens to the best of us, sexual anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you’re a virgin or a true sex pro, something or other can happen to you where you may not feel like you’re up to snuff in the bedroom. Keep your cool, don’t worry, and don’t pressure yourself.

Sexual anxiety can stem from body image issues, nervousness about your ability to please your partner, past sexual trauma. The causes are endless. Take a breath and don’t panic. If it happens to be a long term problem, consult your doctor. For short term cases or random spurts of anxiety, try these tips.

First Time?

3-keysIf you’re having the jitters about your first time, then there’s definitely no cause for concern. Pretty much everyone experiences some shaky feelings about his or her first sexual encounter. Remember that you’re going to have more of them. That this one time, no matter how magical television and the movies make it, will just be one time and will have no bearing on your life outside of this moment. Get it over with and try to have fun. That’s supposed to be the point of healthy sex, right? Live a little, take a deep breath, and come to terms with the fact that everyone goes through this. You aren’t alone. While most places that offer sex cams are decent, you need to really hit good guide to what’s real and what’s not that show all your favorite sites compared against other cam sites.

First Time…With Them?

Sharing your first sexual experience with a partner is something that for some can make or break a relationship, as well as set the mood for the sexual experiences to come. It’s perfectly understandable to be nervous about how you show your mate your moves the first go around.

Note that you aren’t the only one in this boat, so they’re probably as anxious as you are. Even if they aren’t, most people can put their self in these shoes. Also realize that someone who judges you on your first sexual encounter isn’t someone worth a long time involvement. Things will improve as you find each other’s groove.

The most important thing you can do is relax as much as possible. Sexual anxiety usually stems from somewhere. Think about the things that are causing this problem. If it’s your appearance, try to make yourself as presentable as possible. Shave, clean up. If it’s a more permanent or hard to get rid of anxiety, such as your weight or facial appearance, it’s likely that the person you’re going to have sex with already accepts these things. Sex won’t make that any different. For more psychological things, consider consulting a therapist. They can give you insight on your sexual anxiety and give you tools to better yourself.

Enjoy Yourself

The best way to overcome sexual anxiety is to simply remember that the object is to enjoy yourself. If you’re tense and nervous about your soon-to-be fun time, then you most likely won’t have it in the first place! Let your hair down. Disassociate yourself if you have to. You’re a sexual person and you want to have fun. Let loose and run wild.

The Things You Used to Do That She Misses

Back when you first started dating you had all sorts of tricks up your sleeve. You knew what takeout she like the best and what flowers made her melt. Those were the days of romance and excitement. Now that you’ve been together you still know those things, and you do them occasionally, but there are definitely some skills that have fallen to the wayside. You may have even forgotten them yourself, but your lady sure hasn’t. She misses the sweet man you were, even if she loves who you are now. So let’s review the habits you dropped so that you can pick them back up again.


Let’s start with the most obvious one. She misses you complimenting her. Not just on her looks, but on anything. Telling her she’s beautiful and is the only one for you is very sweet, but complimenting that stupidly-good potato salad is just as important. She wants to make you happy, otherwise you wouldn’t be together. Take the time to notice all of the wonderful things about her that you like and tell her them. Even if it’s blunt and not close to being smooth in the conversation she’ll appreciate it. It’s as easy as saying it, but if you forget don’t be afraid to text her something like, “have a good day at work, beautiful.” Simple words can add up to a wonderful feeling for her.


It used to be that you couldn’t keep your hands off of her long enough to make dinner together. Her body was new and exciting, and even after you got to know it you just wanted to be in contact with her. As time goes on those touches become fewer and far between. It happens to a lot of us, but you can fix that. When you do anything together from going out for groceries or sitting on the couch watching t.v. make sure that you hold hands. Building this connection up again will make you want to touch her even more. Place your hand on the small of her back when you’re standing together. Cuddle her at night instead of rolling over right away. All of these will make both of you feel better. You’ll notice that you’ll probably start having sex more because of it. That’s definitely a plus for all of those involved.

Pet Names

You Used To Give Her Pet Names
You Used To Give Her Pet Names
Pet names definitely sound corny when you’re not all lovey around each other, but they exist for a reason. We call each other these stupid names because they are endearing. You wouldn’t call someone something like baby or sweetie unless you have deep feelings for them. For you two, those feelings all involved love and happiness. Get over feeling cheesy about it and start calling her her favorite pet name again. If you’ve been calling her hon for the past three years then switch it up and call her love or sweetheart. Just bring back the pet names. She’ll love the reminder of what you used to do and be happy that you want to call her an endearing name. See The 25 Worst Pet Names You Can Call A Lover


So far most of the habits have been external things that you do to her. Calling her a sweet name, touching her more, and reminding her of her strengths are all very strong emotional connectors, but there’s more to a relationship than emotional connection. What we’re boiling down to is that she wants you to groom yourself. Manscaping, showering, styling yourself, and wearing clothes that fit all make you more appealing to her. Of course she loves you the way you are, but why not give her a little something extra? Take a razor to any bushes and maybe try to trim up, if you need it. It’s not necessary to bulk up, but that hair removal will be a very welcome addition in the bedroom, that’s for sure. You don’t need to make a grand gesture of it, just let it happen and she’ll notice.

Dealing with a Flip-Floppy Woman

Women are hard to understand in general. They’re all full of feelings and conflicting ideas about what they want in life. It’s our job to put up with these and make it through back to the awesome women that they are underneath all of the confusing. But some women just push the boundary even further and flip-flop all over the place. It’s not their fault, it’s just how they are. If you want to get to know the woman and keep her around, despite not being able to keep up with what her decisions are, read on.

Accept It

It’s not going to be easy, being with a flip-flopper, but you’ve got to accept the fact that this is just who she is as a person. There’s no secret motivation or anything that means that she’s trying to ruin your life. By taking the time to truly realize this you’ll have much more patience. Sometimes you’re a complete jerk when you’re tired, it’s not ever going to change. That’s the same level.

Learn to Be Patient

The hardest part about all of this is that you’re going to have to become a very patient man. Figure out what it is that she’s doing that’s making you feel so pissed-off. Of course, her inability to decide on what she’s going to do is an issue, but beyond that think of what specifically she’s doing. Does she always seem to have issues with what she’s going to wear? Maybe she flip-flops on how to handle friends. Whatever it is, by decoding it and recognizing why she’s freaking out you’re going to help both of you.

Solve the Problems…When You Should

Flip-Floppy Women Are difficult To Deal With
Flip-Floppy Women Are difficult To Deal With
Men have a natural tendency to want to solve things. Women are like giant puzzles that just need to be put together in the right way. But the problem is that women don’t always need a guy to problem solve for them. They can get in groups and talk until the day is done about the problems that they’re all having and not one of them will be solved. That’s okay, that’s what they need. So when she comes to you with a problem that should be handled but she can’t decide on, just be a woman. Listen to her and then keep your mouth shut. When she asks you for advice, offer it. Solve away. Sometimes she might need you to be what guides her. You know her better than most, even herself sometimes. Use that knowledge and offer her guidance on what she would normally do.

Let Her Flop

She already know show back-and-forth she is, she doesn’t need another person reminding her. Sometimes she just needs to flop. Let her go whichever way she needs however many times she needs before she makes the decisions that are right for her. This is a whole process that’s become familiar to her and helps her cope with a lot of things. If it’s too much for you to handle at the time then just leave the room for a bit or give her some space.

Be Consistent

If you have a lady who doesn’t do well with choices presented to her and goes between them both a ton of times then you may have to just step up to the plate and be consistent. By consistently offering and then deciding you’re still giving her the choice to begin with, ultimately avoiding becoming the guy that orders food for his girlfriend. But when she won’t be able to pick one you’ll also be the one to put her mind at ease. This might even be enough to get her to decide on one thing. Knowing that you’re not going to judge her for flipping between the two and deciding in the end can take a huge weight off of her shoulders. Just make sure that you’re consistent so that she will pick-up on this eventually.

Tips to Make Drunk Sex Better

Whether you’re heading out on the town or having a hot date night in with your partner, things can get a little heated when you add booze to the mix. Alcohol is a fantastic social lube that gets people over their fears and inhibitions and gets them laid. The issue is that the body itself doesn’t actually care for all that. The mind is all for getting drunk and having sex, but the body fails itself by lacking the blood flow necessary to get it up (in a guy’s case) or get it wet (in a lady’s case). It’s not going to happen 100% of the time, but when it does it sucks. Think ahead to prevent these mishaps and use these tips to make drunk sex better.

Drink Lightly

Not many people plan on getting completely smashed and getting laid, normally it’s one or the other. If you’re going out with the intent to do both, then steer toward the lighter side of alcohol consumption. The lighter you drink the more likely your body won’t throw up those defenses against the booze. Being a bit tipsy will definitely put you in the offensive mood of charming someone’s pants off without being so sloppy that you can’t deliver on all of your promises. Beer can be a good, light alternative in the alcoholic content department, but it can fill you up quickly and make you look a little bloated. Shots are never a good idea, as they get you drunk faster than you have time to drink them. Mixed drinks are the way to go, just make sure that you take your time when consuming them and always drink a glass of water after each one.

Set the Mood

Start With The Foreplay
Start With The Foreplay
When you do finally get to the bedroom, take the chance to set the mood. Of course you already cleaned everything up and have the bedroom itself set perfectly, since you were planning to get some tonight. Now light some candles, turn on some sexy music (preferably with no words—jazz is really good for this), and for heaven’s sake turn the lights low. Having the lights dimmed will not only make things more romantic, it also makes it way less likely that you’ll suddenly get a headache. Since you’re probably dehydrated, have some water by the bed so that neither of you will have to break the tone by getting up out of bed. Water is a good way to make sure that you don’t get the spins. Nothing ruins sexy like throwing up while you’re getting it on.

Start Out Slow

Passion may be blowing the top off of whatever sex pot that you brought home, but take your time when you get into the sack. You have a body full of booze, you don’t want to go shaking it around and getting your gag reflex going. Start out with some foreplay, since neither of you will have the best response time in the genitals. This gets both of you warmed up, which will lead to better sex later on. Unlike the movies, people rarely get so turned-on that they can go right away anyway. When you do start to get the party started, choose a position that is easy to maintain and doesn’t jostle you around too much. Missionary is an easy-going starter that won’t upset anyone so long as he’s not laying his whole body onto her. Cowgirl is another favorite, but the lady in the situation has to be sure that she’s ready for that. Again, alcohol is sloshing around the stomach. She’s going to be moving a lot when things start to get wild. If you want to be considerate of this, have a bucket or waste basket by the bed to catch any vomit. She can choose to go slow, but there’s no guarantee once she gets into it that she won’t start riding hard.

Having consensual sex while you’re drunk doesn’t always have to end up being satisfactory for those involved. You can have an awesome time and remember it fondly by being prepared and taking your time drinking. These simple steps that don’t take too much effort will pay off in the end.