7 Best Cheap Date Ideas

When you’re trying to impress a woman the last thing you want to say is that you don’t have the money. That gets embarrassing, fast. So the best way to save a little cash when you’re trying to woo her is to think of fantastic date ideas that also happen to be cheap. There are only so many times that you can have her over to your house for a romantic meal of instant rice and ramen noodles, so here are some low cost ways to keep her happy and keep some cash in her pocket.

1. A Romantic Walk on the Beach at Sunset

Women love beaches at sunset. If you don’t have a beach handy, improvise with something natural and beautiful. Watching the sun set from on top of a mountain peak is also breathtaking; you just have to find something to do which will keep the two of you outside and having a good time, far from anywhere you might have to spend money. Bring a blanket and things might get even more breathtaking once the sun goes down.

2. Free Days at Museums

A Date At The Museum
A Date At The Museum
You can say that you just want to hit the museum on a Tuesday morning because there won’t be that many crowds, and then act surprised but pleased when you find out that it’s a free day. Most museums have at least one free day a month. If you can get it off (and your girl can too) then it’s the perfect chance to dress up without spending a lot of money. Normally it would take dinner at a fancy restaurant to see her in that little black dress, but there’s something fancy about museums that gets the job done for you.

3. Art Gallery Openings

Art Galleries Are Great For Romance
Art Galleries Are Great For Romance
One of the best things that you can do is head to art gallery openings. No matter where you live there’s probably a city within driving distance of you. If there’s a city, then there’s an art gallery trying to drum up interest in their art. Every time a new show opens you can count on there being a big party, and most of the time these parties are free, or very cheap considering the champagne and nibbles that they’re going to be serving there.

4. The Park at Night

If you want to avoid even the chance that you’ll have to buy food for her, ask if you can pick her up at 9pm. Have some cheap beers in the backseat and drive her out to the park at night. It’s surprising how fun a swing set can be for two tipsy adults. Just make sure to bring a blanket (again, things can get breathtaking after dark). Plus, you’ll have to do something while you’re sobering up enough to drive home.

5. Lunch Brought to Her at Work

Surprise Her At Work With A Homemade Lunch
Surprise Her At Work With A Homemade Lunch
If you want to earn major points without a lot of cash, don’t take her out to lunch: bring lunch to her. All it takes is a bagged salad, a little dressing, two sandwiches and all the makings of a fancy meal. Bring real plates, some candles, and set up the picnic table outside of her work so that you can catch her right when she gets out. Then let her know that you haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. The simple food and the fancy setting will create the perfect memorable date!

6. Full on At-home Dance Party

This is a one time investment that you can break out whenever you want. Get some bubbles, get some streamers, and get some balloons. As long as you have an iPod or access to a nonstop music player, you’re ready. Just push all the furniture to the edge of the living room and have a no holds barred dance off without the cover charges and expensive drinks of going out. Plus, if things get hot and heavy on the dancefloor you really can rip her clothes off and have her then and there.

7. Multi-media Scavenger Hunt

If you and your honey already have smartphones then you already have what you need. Take the time to film yourself leaving clues around the city and lead her to where you’re having dinner or a picnic that way. Creativity makes it better! By the time she finds you she’ll be so happy with your thoughtfulness that she won’t care how much you’re spending.