Roasting Is the New Frying

The problem with frying food is that it’s both bad for you and delicious. If it wasn’t the single most delicious thing to cross your taste buds, people wouldn’t want to do it so much. Frying is so popular because it turns out food that is crisp, hot, and melt in your mouth fantastic. Everyone who tries to give up frying finds that they miss it, but there is another contender on the field. If you’re looking for a better meal, look no further than roasting. It just might steal the spotlight from frying.

Roasting Traps More Flavor

Roasting Meat Traps The Flavor
Roasting Meat Traps The Flavor
Frying is one way to get flavor into food. It’s the oil seeping in that gives fried food that amazing, melt in your mouth flavor that everyone’s been looking for. However, roasting traps the flavor that already exists in the food itself. This means that every bite of delicious roasted chicken contains all the flavor that comes from chicken, not the flavor of an oil that it was cooked in.

Roasting Doesn’t Make Saturated Fats

Saturated fats happen when fats are heated too much, too quickly. It leads to problems with cardiovascular health if enough of it is eaten exclusively, and generally has a pretty bad reputation in the food world for being something that you just don’t want to get mixed up in. Roasting doesn’t heat the natural fats in the food, so they stay unsaturated and actually are good for you. Unsaturated fats can help your memory, as well as keeping your skin and hair shiny and healthy. Fat isn’t always a bad word in your diet, but too much of the wrong kinds (like the kind found in fried treats) will come back to bite you.

Roasting Can Be Quick and Easy

Roast That MeatRoasting is easier because you don’t have to worry about burning it so much. Prep your food, stick it in the oven, and then walk away. You don’t have to spend the same amount of time watching the food and turning it to be sure that it’s not going to burn or stick. Frying takes a lot of time and attention from the chef. If you don’t have that kind of time, just put something in the oven and then set a time. That’s all that it really takes in order to get something good going. Go Here For Some Quick Roasting Recipes

Roasting Can Get a Perfect Crispy Outside

Some people won’t leave frying because they can’t imagine that anything else is going to give their chicken that same crispy outside. While it’s a little bit more difficult to get that effect in the oven, with a little basting you can still have a flavorful chicken skin that’s going to fall right off the meat, bursting with herbs and spices, and every bit as good as one that came fresh out of the oven. You simply can’t go wrong with this kind of chicken delight.

Frying Is Outdated These Days

Roasting Is The Way To Go
Roasting Is The Way To Go
Frankly, the times have changed. Frying used to be in, and now it’s out more and more. More people are tyring to prioritize their health by cutting down on fried foods—or cutting them out entirely. While there’s no chance that the art of deep frying is going to die out completely any time soon, there is a sign that people are happy to be moving farther away from this fatty way to prepare meats and dough. If you’re trying to cook to impress people you’ll do a lot better serving up something delicious and fantastic that’s roasted than you would putting down a bunch of fried food.

Frying Doesn’t Allow for as Much Customization as Roasting

Roasting is a low intensity way to cook that basically means you can pair anything together without having to worry about how it’s going to stick together. This means that you’re going to be fairly free in what and how you wanted to assemble roasted dishes.