5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates Online

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest thorns in the side of online retailers. You got so, so close to making a sale and then you lost it all. Why did that person click away and never return? Why couldn’t you get them to go through that last step to buying your products? It can be incredibly frustrating for people to see their hard work being wasted. They got so close and they still failed. Why is that? There are many reasons why people stop shopping (some of them were only window shopping anyway), but by utilizing these five tips you can keep more of them around for longer.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

The longer it takes people to check out, the greater the odds that they won’t do it. The perfect checkout process would be one click, but not everywhere is Amazon. You can’t all afford to send people things with one tap of a button. What can you do? The best that you can do is to limit the screens to two or three pages of information. First they can confirm everything in their basket and enter their email. The second page they can fill in their credit card information, and the third can be where they want the products shipped to. That’s all it takes to get them out the door when you plan it right. This is the way to get people to purchase before they have time to think it through.

Capture Their Email Early

Why is their email on the first page? One of the best ways to get people back to your site is to send them a cold email a few hours after they left. To do this you need to have their email address. If they complete even the first step of checking out you should have that email address so you can send the follow up soon after. It’s a key way to boost your conversion rate.

Offer Slight Discounts for Completing the Process

Stay In Contact With Your Clients
Stay In Contact With Your Clients
Once you’ve sent them one email and they haven’t come back, you can send them another offering 5% off if they complete their purchase in the next 24 hours. This is a very small discount but it could be enough to sway someone who was looking around to see if they could maybe find it cheaper elsewhere. That could be enough to get them back to your site, completing their purchase.

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

This is a simple rule, but you should make your site easy to navigate. If people don’t know where to go or how to do what they want, they’re never going to actually make it to the point where they even make a shopping cart. You’re going to be losing people left and right and you won’t know why. If you have a navigation snag you might be able to find it just by searching for the last page people viewed before they left the site. If it’s a tough place to navigate away from they might have left in just frustration.

Save Abandoned Carts

One thing that you should do is try to save abandoned carts. That way, when a repeat visitor shows up they can see why they were here in the first place. Having everything already in their cart helps funnel them through to clicking the right buttons and actually buying your products. Making it that much easier for them to give you money will always help boost your conversion rates. In a perfect world it would be much harder for a customer not to buy for you than it is for them to do so.