The Things You Used to Do That She Misses

Back when you first started dating you had all sorts of tricks up your sleeve. You knew what takeout she like the best and what flowers made her melt. Those were the days of romance and excitement. Now that you’ve been together you still know those things, and you do them occasionally, but there are definitely some skills that have fallen to the wayside. You may have even forgotten them yourself, but your lady sure hasn’t. She misses the sweet man you were, even if she loves who you are now. So let’s review the habits you dropped so that you can pick them back up again.


Let’s start with the most obvious one. She misses you complimenting her. Not just on her looks, but on anything. Telling her she’s beautiful and is the only one for you is very sweet, but complimenting that stupidly-good potato salad is just as important. She wants to make you happy, otherwise you wouldn’t be together. Take the time to notice all of the wonderful things about her that you like and tell her them. Even if it’s blunt and not close to being smooth in the conversation she’ll appreciate it. It’s as easy as saying it, but if you forget don’t be afraid to text her something like, “have a good day at work, beautiful.” Simple words can add up to a wonderful feeling for her.


It used to be that you couldn’t keep your hands off of her long enough to make dinner together. Her body was new and exciting, and even after you got to know it you just wanted to be in contact with her. As time goes on those touches become fewer and far between. It happens to a lot of us, but you can fix that. When you do anything together from going out for groceries or sitting on the couch watching t.v. make sure that you hold hands. Building this connection up again will make you want to touch her even more. Place your hand on the small of her back when you’re standing together. Cuddle her at night instead of rolling over right away. All of these will make both of you feel better. You’ll notice that you’ll probably start having sex more because of it. That’s definitely a plus for all of those involved.

Pet Names

You Used To Give Her Pet Names
You Used To Give Her Pet Names
Pet names definitely sound corny when you’re not all lovey around each other, but they exist for a reason. We call each other these stupid names because they are endearing. You wouldn’t call someone something like baby or sweetie unless you have deep feelings for them. For you two, those feelings all involved love and happiness. Get over feeling cheesy about it and start calling her her favorite pet name again. If you’ve been calling her hon for the past three years then switch it up and call her love or sweetheart. Just bring back the pet names. She’ll love the reminder of what you used to do and be happy that you want to call her an endearing name. See The 25 Worst Pet Names You Can Call A Lover


So far most of the habits have been external things that you do to her. Calling her a sweet name, touching her more, and reminding her of her strengths are all very strong emotional connectors, but there’s more to a relationship than emotional connection. What we’re boiling down to is that she wants you to groom yourself. Manscaping, showering, styling yourself, and wearing clothes that fit all make you more appealing to her. Of course she loves you the way you are, but why not give her a little something extra? Take a razor to any bushes and maybe try to trim up, if you need it. It’s not necessary to bulk up, but that hair removal will be a very welcome addition in the bedroom, that’s for sure. You don’t need to make a grand gesture of it, just let it happen and she’ll notice.