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Quick Tips for Tablet Troubleshooting

If there’s one certainty when it comes to electronic devices, it’s that at one point or another you’re going to encounter some kind of issue. Depending on the severity of the issue, this may mean that you need to enable minor repair tactics or that you’ll need to buy a replacement device. Tablets are becoming more and more popular in regards to mobile devices that people want to own, and there’s a good reason for it. They’re reliable, useful, and can provide people with hours upon hours of entertainment. However, tablets are just as prone to issues as every other piece of electronics. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be familiar with some quick tablet troubleshooting tips.

Always Reboot First

Rebooting The System Is Always The First Option
Rebooting The System Is Always The First Option
Rebooting is the universal first step when it comes to problem solving with most electronics. Often a problem can be solved by rebooting a device, which is why almost any tech specialist is going to tell you do that first. So if you’re encountering a strange problem with your tablet and if it’s possible, make sure to reboot it first. If the problem went away, you’re good. If the problem is still present, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Check the Charge

You’d be surprised by how often people think there’s something wrong with their tablet only to realize that the battery is dead. If your tablet won’t turn on or dies suddenly, plug it in and see what happens. You should see a charging indicator show up on the screen. If there’s nothing on the screen after you wait for a few minutes, the problem is likely something else.

Check for OS Updates

Check For OS Updates
Check For OS Updates
Most tablets will automatically update their own OS as new updates are released. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen. When the OS is outdated, it can run into problems when running certain programs. If your tablet is acting buggy or is crashing often, you should check to see what OS version it is running. You should then check to see if that’s the latest version. If it’s not, you’re going to have to install the latest update manually.

Check for Viruses

Unfortunately, viruses are just as common for mobile devices as they are for computers. If your tablet has been acting really weird or slow without obvious reason, the underlying cause may be that you’ve picked up a virus somewhere. You should install some kind of mobile antivirus program to scan your tablet to see what’s there. If there’s a virus, you know what’s wrong. If there isn’t, it’s time to continue with the troubleshooting.

Check for Damage

Did you drop your tablet a while ago and think nothing of it? Spill a little bit of water on it? Even a little bit of damage can do your tablet harm, so try to think of what you might have done to rattle it up. Check the exterior for signs of damage, but don’t crack the casing to get to the interior—doing that can make it even worse.

Keeping Your Smartphone Safe and Crack Free

Do you remember the very first cell phone that you ever got? It was probably a flip phone and it probably didn’t do a whole lot besides make phone calls! These days, though, phones are expected to be able to do a whole lot more. Not only do you need to be able to make calls, but you also need to be able to send text messages, browse the Internet, and even play video games. That’s why smartphones have become so commonplace in every corner of the country. You probably even have a nice touch screen smartphone yourself! Have you given any thought to how you keep that thing safe lately?

Stop and think about it: that screen is very fragile. How often have you seen people struggling to use phones that have screens which are horribly cracked and damaged? Do you really want that to happen to you? Of course not! That’s why you need to be careful and take steps to prevent that from happening. In this quick guide, we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to keep your phone’s screen safe and crack free. You won’t need to be concerned about it after this!

Use the Right Case For Your Phone

Protect Your Smartphone From Damage
Protect Your Smartphone From Damage
Don’t even think about trying to use your phone without a hard case on it. That’s like asking for your screen to get cracked and damaged! What if you’re holding the phone and it accidentally slips and falls while you are using it? Without a case, it’s going to land on a corner and shatter the screen. There won’t be a thing that you can do about it at that point, either. You’ll just have to accept that the phone has been wrecked. Get a case that protects your phone and avoid that!

Always Keep a Firm Grip On It

Remember how we just talked about how a phone could slip out of your hand without a case? Even when you put a case on your phone, you need to remember to hold onto it tightly. Don’t hold it in positions where you could more likely drop it, such as by one corner, or loosely held over your face. Putting yourself in the danger zone with your phone is pointless. As long as you pay attention to the way that you actually grip your phone, you won’t have any issues with dropping it.

Don’t Place Your Phone in Dangerous Spots

Avoid Dangerous Spots
Avoid Dangerous Spots
Now that you’ve decided to be more careful in terms of how you hold your phone, how about where you put it down? Watch out for putting your phone in dangerous spots where it could easily get knocked to the ground. For example, don’t even think about putting your phone on the corner of a table where it’s not completely on the surface. If part of the phone is sticking off the edge of the table, chances are you’re going to bump into it and knock it off. Broken phone city, ahoy! Be careful or that’s the bus you’ll be on.