Must-Have Tablet Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Tablets can be an amazing tool for building productivity. Less intrusive and annoying to use than a computer, but larger and more functional than a smartphone, they’re the perfect blend for taking meeting notes, quickly accessing information, scheduling and more. Do you use a tablet for work? If so, here’s a handful of must-have productivity building apps for Android and iOS tablets.


..If you use your device to handle email, there are better tools out there than the built-in mail programs. CloudMagic is one of them. Available for both Android and iOS, it supports a variety of email provider types, from Gmail to IMAP, and combines up to five distinct email accounts in a single unified inbox. Contextual cards let you send information from your email inbox to a variety of frequently used programs: EverNote, ZenDesk and so on.

Google Docs & Google Drive

This is another super-useful app set available for both Android and iOS platforms. Google Docs gives you the ability to create and edit spreadsheets, word documents, slideshows and more directly on a cloud server. You can access them from a computer and make edits, and if you install the application, your tablet will be able to as well. The biggest advantage of Google Docs is the fact that multiple users can make simultaneous edits on multiple devices. Because each edit is quickly saved to the cloud and broadcast to all other viewers, collaboration and conversation are a snap.

Google Drive is mainly useful for document exchange and uploads – if you’re collaborating online with your co-workers via Google Docs, being able to upload and refer to documents makes for a perfect companion app.


Boost Your Laptop Productivity With Dropbox
Boost Your Laptop Productivity With Dropbox
Here’s another Android and iOS app for sharing documents and photos. Dropbox has lower storage limits for its free customers than Google Drive does, but it also offers a better, more full-featured interface. Furthermore, because it’s one of the major file storage and sharing services, it’s been integrated into a number of other apps’ file storage systems. Since the app itself is free and the service is available for free (although there is a paid service package that gives better features and more storage), it’s worth picking it up and giving it a whirl!


Google Docs is great for polishing a final document in collaboration with others. Trello is perfect for brainstorming. With the ability to create card “categories” and fill them with information on a simple, bold visual interface, and strong interactive and collaborative functions, Trello makes the perfect tool for scheduling, organizing, and planning with a group. You can use it for private brainstorming sessions, too.

Skype & Google Hangouts

These two apps serve effectively the same purpose: simply, they let you videochat with others using your tablet. Whether you’re handling long-distance collaborations or you just need to show someone an issue you’re having directly, videochat is a brilliantly useful tool. It doesn’t matter which videochat service you pick, except that it needs to be the same one as the people you plan on calling. These networks are still fairly insular.


Wunderlist Is A List Building App
Wunderlist Is A List Building App
Everyone needs a list-building app. Whether it’s creating workflow lists for your business or just shopping lists for personal use, Wunderlist’s simple interface and task-oriented flow help you keep track of everything you need to do. This is another app that’s available for Android, iOS or even for home computer, if you’re looking for something to help you track your tasks on a non-mobile device. This app also enables collaboration. Once you build your lists, you can share them with others, letting you create longer project-management schedules and track completion as recorded by everyone on your team.


Let’s face it: multitasking slows you down. The more things you’re trying to do at one time, the more mistakes you’ll make and the slower you’ll work. But sometimes, you see something you know you need to look at. Pocket is the solution! It works with other apps to let you mark articles or pages you need to look at in more detail later, then saves the link and uploads it to your account on the cloud, ensuring that when you go home and put your feet up, that article will still be waiting for you.