How to Get Healthy Without the Gym

The gym is unsanitary, expensive, full of judgmental people, and it can sometimes be really hard to motivate yourself to get up and go tackle the challenge of the gym. The good news is, you don’t need a gym membership or a yelling personal trainer to get fit and to lose that holiday weight before beach season. All you need is willpower, motivation and a firm diet with consistent exercise.

Morning Walks

Morning Walks Are Good For Your Health
Morning Walks Are Good For Your Health
You should start out each day with some form of mild exercise. A morning walk is a great way to get your body in the mode to start burning calories and getting into the spirit of the day. A morning walk will start you off right and make sure that you are totally ready to meet your day head on. It doesn’t have to be long or vigorous at first, just a couple times around the block or a short walk about on your treadmill will do the trick, if you don’t like being outside either. If you’d rather hike, do that, and if jogging is more your style, that is great too. In the end it’s just about getting moving in the morning, and if you can do that you will be off to a great start.


You Don't Need To Hit The Gym To Get Healthy
You Don’t Need To Hit The Gym To Get Healthy
What you eat is important whether or not you do use a gym to get fit. Eat protein to fuel muscle building, and lay off of the carbs and fatty foods. Fish, chicken, turkey, vegetables and fruits are your best friends when you are trying to get fit, no matter what. Make all of your meals before you go to work so that you aren’t tempted to buy food that is bad for you. Avoid sugary drinks and other calorie heavy beverages. Drink plain tea or coffee, or better yet just stick with water.

Working Out at Home

You can design your own workouts at home. It takes more commitment than it does to go to the gym, and requires you to be absolutely honest with yourself. So do internet Pilates or commit to doing ladder crunches every day. The better you get at it, the more comfortable you’ll be in public and the more it might be good for you to get into the gym. Bodyweight workouts are exactly what you need when it comes to your workouts, and they will help you just as much as lifting weights will. Planking will kick your butt faster than weights at a gym will, so give that one a try with a home timer, just to start out.


Try Yoga
Try Yoga
Doing Yoga is a great way to exercise and improve flexibility even for people who hate exercise. Joining a Yoga studio is often a good way to ease into the social workout structures. No one cares what you do with Yoga, as they are all focused on their own practice, and it’s a perfect place to just start up and go. Don’t worry about looking the part or being good right off, it takes time and the faster you realize that, the better your experience will be. So give Yoga and other alternatives to traditional workouts a shot, and you may find that you really like the results and that you are very into the practice itself. If you can find something you like, all the better, it will help you on your path to fitness.

Drink Water

Drink a gallon of water a day. The water will help you process everything you have done in the day and will keep your body working happily and healthily. You also will be full up on water and your appetite won’t be a strong or as intense, and you will feel full quicker and longer. Drinking at meals will also help calm your appetite, as once again your stomach will get fuller quicker. Get ready to feel the burn from the comfort of your own home, and get fit without the hassle or judgment.